Meet The Team

Over the past 18 years Woodlands Fitness Centre has observed the rapid expansion of the fitness industry. Big clubs have come, big clubs have merged, and some big clubs have closed their doors. Now we see the emergence of the ‘budget gym’ and the low cost DIY memberships.

So, what do Woodlands offer different to the majority of the fitness industry?

Woodlands recipe for success:

  • All members receive an assessment to include a biomechanical screening
  • Biomechanical screens allow our Fitness Consultants to fully bespoke the training programme to your needs
  • All members receive three, one to one training sessions to fully understand the training programme set up for you
  • Members are advised to have a new programme every 15 visits, thus keeping the programme fresh, challenging, rewarding yet enjoyable
  • Woodlands Fitness Consultants encourage nutritional change alongside their training programmes for maximum results – no supplements needed!
  • All Woodlands Fitness Consultants lead by example, fit, vibrant, motivated and range from 18-59 year olds
  • Woodlands Fitness Consultants successfully train people with sedentary lifestyles and postural problems, older adults with age related ailments through to professional sports people including boxers, footballers and cricketers

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